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  • English name: Cumaru 
  • International Synonyms: Brazilian Teak 
  • Scientific name: Dipteryx micrantha Harms 
  • Common names: Shihuahuaco 
  • Family: Fabaceae 
  • Origin: Tropical 

Description of the Wood

  • Color: Yellow, red and brown 
  • Grain: Interlocked 
  • Texture: Coarse 
  • Bright: Medium High 
  • Banned: Overlapped arches and bands 
  • Odor: Characteristic 
  • Taste: Not distinctive 

Description of the Wood

  • Artificial drying behavior: Good 
  • Natural durability: Very high 
  • Workability: Good 
  • Use: General Floors, beams, columns, sleepers, deck, spreaders and others. 

Physical and Mechanical properties

  • Basic Density: 870 Kg/m3 

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