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WCA Investments is a company dedicated to the extraction, production and international distribution of timber from the Amazon in Iquitos with high quality standards.




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Loreto SAC Forestry Consortium, WCA Group member company, founded in 2006 in the city of Iquitos - Peru. Considered timber company processes more efficient and equipped with the best technology that exists today.



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  • Industrial Factory

    We offer our employees the best and comfortable work environment.

  • Products

    We have a wide variety of products and high quality result.

  • Species

    We have the widest range of existing timber species in the Amazon region of Peru.

Our Process

  • Sawmill

    We have a main sawmill sawmill capacity of 700 thousand monthly PT, handled by our trained staff with a traditional and standards of quality NHLA ensuring a top quality product.

  • Drying Chambers

    We have 12 cameras with 60 m3 capacity c / u, guaranteeing a total production of 2100 m3 per month.

  • Value-added products

    Inversiones WCA has the most modern plant with the best German and Italian technology for wood processing, giving their products the best quality and finish, becoming the largest company in technological innovation.

  • Distribution

    Our products are distributed with the best guarantee and security to any national and international destination where our customers require.

Council to export in society

In the trade there are three phases that determine the consolidation of the business project in the target market. The first is trade sales abroad. For this just a commercial intermediary who collects the goods in port and marketed. The second is cooperation with a local partner to take care of the whole process (included here consortia and joint venture). The third is the implementation productive, "a few SMEs decision makers."

Although there are brave exceptions in the case of emerging markets or developing countries, the recommendation is to start the outdoor adventure company. The work of a local partner and will pave the way and you will avoid surprises. With a distributor or sales agent you save the logistics structure, offices, staff and transport. Remember that the first priority is to appraise the costs.

Our Development

  • A story called IQUITOS

    Iquitos was a small village inhabited by a tribe of Indians Iquitos. From 1864, with the visit of Marshal Castilla, Iquitos city became capital of the department. During the nineteenth century increased its trade with Brazil, but only since 1880, the rubber industry, began its expansion as a city.