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  • English name: Ipe 
  • International Synonyms: Tajibo 
  • Scientific name: Tabebuia serratifolia 
  • Common names: tahuari, ebony. Venezuela: araguaney poi, dust, puy. Bolivia: ipe, tajibo. Colombia: añaguate purple powder, purple oak. Brazil: iperoxo, Lapacho, paudarco 
  • Family: Bignoniaceae 

Description of the Wood

  • Color: When freshly cut, the outer layers of wood (sapwood) creamy yellow layers and inter nas (heartwood) deep yellow, between both layers a sharp contrast in color. In the air-dried wood is taken sapwood yellow HUE 8/6 2.5Y and yellow-brown heartwood HUE 6/8 10YR 
  • Grain: Straight to interlocked 
  • Texture: Fine 
  • Bright: Low to medium 
  • Banned: Overlapped arches defined yellowish mottling; presents narrow bands found 
  • Odor: Not distinctive 
  • Taste: Not distinctive 

Description of the Wood

  • Artificial drying behavior: good 
  • Natural durability: High 
  • Workability: Regular 
  • Use: The wood is used in heavy construction, bodywork, woodwork, sleepers, flooring, parquet, tool handles, poles, bridges. marine constructions 

Physical and Mechanical properties

  • Basic Density: 0.92 g/cm3 Kg/m3 

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