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Loreto Forestry Consortium

Consorcio Forestal Loreto SAC, WCA member Inversiones group, created in 2006 in the city of Iquitos - Peru. Forest Consortium Loreto is considered today the company processes more efficient and equipped timber sector, with a total area of 45mil m2 implemented with the best technology.

It has a capacity of 750.00 aserrio monthly p2 and equipped with 12 drying chambers generation with a capacity of 1,800 m3 per month.

We own the plant with the best German technology to manufacture value-added products such as laminated beams in Finger Joints Blockboard, Decks, moldings, flooring and sawn lumber.

We have warehouses with an area of 15m2 where all our products are properly stored for prompt export. All our facilities keep perfect harmony with the surrounding environment being the first Peruvian company with ecological and social responsibility.

Our services

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    We have a main sawmill sawmill with capacity of 700 thousand monthly PT, handled by trained personnel with the standards and quality standards ensuring NHLA good standard product and warranty.

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    Drying Chambers

    We have 12 drying chambers with a capacity of 2,160 thousand m3 per month, ensuring professional control in the drying up of our products.

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    Value-added products

    Inversiones WCA has the most modern plant with the best German and Italian technology for wood processing, giving their products the best quality and finish, becoming the largest company in technology innovation.

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    We have large storage spaces where each product is carefully packed, labeled and protected for prompt export to different parts of the world.

Loreto Forestry Consortium